Most of my life until Belize was spent in the cold north of Canada. When i first came to Belize 9 years ago i stayed at All Season Guest House and feel in love with the Village of Hopkins. The adventures down here are fantastic with the sea for diving,fishing, snorkeling, island hoping,swimming and beach walks. Then i discovered the jungle and Mayan ruins. After 2 years staying in All Seasons i bought my own property in the village. First i had 2 Mennonite cabanas brought on the property and set them up and that is how Latitude 17 began 7 years ago. Over the years i built a large garage and house in the back for my self and then a few more rooms in front under the South Cabana.

For the first year i had manager run the property but now it is run as a family operation with the help of my girlfriend and her sister. We have been planting more flower and fruit trees on the property every year to make it a tropical paradise. Latitude 17 is located in the center of village and is a great place to see how local village life is really like. You are only a few step from the sea to go swim or walk the beach.

Most days i get up and head of to the sea and go out on my stand up peddle board for a few hours with dolphins and manatees around me. The river and lagoon nearby are great for fishing. Then traveling around the country on motorbike is the best way to get around and see everything. The jungle hiking in The Cockcomb basin is incredible with mountain water fall swims and river tubing and many great trails to hick.

It is joy for me to meet new guest and help the find out all the great adventures that Belize has to offer then and see the smiles on their face when they come back at the end of the day and tell me stories of their adventure.

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At Latitude 17 we aim to make your stay special, accessible, and authentic. We have rooms at various price points. If you’re looking for a cost effective space to catch some R n’ R, we’ve got you. If you’re looking for more amentities, we’ve got those too. Welcome to the heart of our community. Welcome to Latitude 17.

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